Tackling the nagging questions of life that keep us stuck - so we can get on with living the lives we choose.


Parenthood can be awesome. It can also be all-encompassing.

Before I was a parent, I was a person - a whole person with plans, dreams, hopes, loves, hobbies… all of it. I bet you were, too.

We still are, but the routines and busyness of parenthood can feel more urgent than realizing all that.

In the expectations and routines of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves, lose focus on what matters, and lose our footing on the path to the life we want. It can be hard to hear that inner voice and find our way when life moves so fast.

But we can do it.

Lindsay Sommerauer, founder of Wayfinders

The connection we want with our kids, the parents we want to be, feelings of fulfillment, the people we used to be who sometimes seem lost: we can enjoy these every day.

It’s time to:

  • simplify the underlying questions that get in our way so we can tackle them with more ease.

  • cut the noise and outside pressure so we can see our way forward.

  • live the life we choose, instead of one we accidentally end up living.

On the Wayfinders podcast and in my work with you, I tackle issues, pressures, and expectations that seem elusive, stuck, or disconnected from who we want to be. I’m here to find actual tactics we can use to step into the life we want, day by day.

A new path, however transformational, still happens one step at a time.