The Way to Wayfinders


I’m an educator, coach, and mom of two who’s always been drawn to the big questions of life. I took philosophy courses for fun in school. A five-hour chat with an equally curious friend is my idea of a great Friday night. I’ve been figuring out how to do the partner thing with my beloved since 2001, and how to do the parent thing together since 2014.

I’m an optimizer. I love a let’s-make-things-even-better project, and what a ton of raw material parenthood gives me for that. In my first pregnancy, I thought I could ‘get ahead’ of the coming changes through planning and ‘expert’ advice. I thought I could minimize and pre-empt changes to my life course.

I failed hard (bet you saw that coming).

Advice from the experts never truly fit my kids/family/life. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d lost my way somewhere. I felt like I never stopped during the day, and crashed into bed exhausted each night. I worried that this tired, busy life, with no semblance of work/life balance, was my “new normal.” I worried that one day I’d wake up living a life I’d stumbled into, instead of one I chose.

From the ‘momosphere’ of the internet, it seemed that I was just going to have to accept my new role as a ‘hot mess’: a parent who’d lost some of myself, whose answer to “how are you?” would forevermore be “busy”, and who would always feel a little unsure about how to raise my children because, hey, none of us know what we’re doing, right?

No, not right.

I started writing and wondering about these dilemmas, and I learned that so many of us resist this particular story. More importantly, I learned that sharing our struggles and being honest with our questions makes them feel a lot lighter.


I became a certified coach practitioner and began helping people re-frame their own narrative. I learned to ask “why” whenever life laid down a default, and to counter every time my inner critic said, “you can’t just do that” with “well, what if I just did?”

I started digging deep into who I want to be as a person, parent, and partner. I began making small adjustments that don’t seem like much at first, but which add up to enormous shifts in the way I see my daily life, the way I show up for my kids, and the way I feel about my partner.

Wayfinders is where we can do this wondering, re-framing and shifting, together. I’m so happy you’re here.

What part of parenting has you stuck? I’d love to take it apart on the podcast.