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S01E09 How to negotiate time for self between partners so it's collaborative, not comparative

The goal is to move from competition/comparison of self-time to connection and collaboration on a life that you both want, together and individually.

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S01E08 How to make prioritizing time for ourselves non-negotiable in our busy lives

Today on The Wayfinders Podcast, we’re tackling the obstacles we face and coming up with some creative solutions and helpful resources that might help us get to the point where time for ourselves is just a GIVEN.

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S01E06 How to escape the Hot Mess Train Wreck

“There’s a lot of fear when you’re becoming a parent that it is an identity takeover, that you’re going to be overwhelmed and you’re not going to be up to the challenge… and the Hot Mess stereotype validates that and says, ‘yep, you’re not going to have your shit together, and you’re going to be kind of a bumbling idiot all the time.’

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