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S01e17 How to slow time so our life doesn't pass us by

“It’s a new phenomenon for me in my mid-30s, to worry that I’ll wake up one day and wonder where time has gone. Will I feel like I did what I wanted? Lived my life the way that I want? How can we actually make it feel like life is slowing down?”

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S01e16 Designing a family pace of life - or, My fear of Extra-curricular activities

When kids get their own activities, our culture doesn't paint a pretty picture for parents - we become at best cheerleaders, at worst chauffeurs. I'm actually afraid of this development.

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S01E09 How to negotiate time for self between partners so it's collaborative, not comparative

The goal is to move from competition/comparison of self-time to connection and collaboration on a life that you both want, together and individually.

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