S01E09 How to negotiate time for self between partners so it's collaborative, not comparative


We’ve been talking a lot here at Wayfinders about time for ourselves - how to get it, prioritize it, enforce it, claim it… but what if we have a partner, who probably also wants this desirable ‘self time’?

Too often, negotiating time to just be our individual, adult selves, pursuing our interests or even just RELAXING, can feel like a competition or a losing game. We want our partners to have this, too, but we don’t want to feel like we got the short end of the stick. I find this incredibly hard to balance, even in a relationship that otherwise has pretty great communication and solidarity… Sometimes it seems like even if we can work everything else out, this question of who gets more time to themselves and who’s more burnt out is one we can’t solve.

So I decided to ask some other parents for advice on how they navigate these rocky waters. This episode is chock full of the STRATEGIES that came out of these conversations. We’re tackling mindset, appreciation, feminism, scheduling hacks, common goals, ‘date-night’ and more in here, so let’s go!