S01e17 How to slow time so our life doesn't pass us by


In the finale of our first season here at The Wayfinders Podcast, we’re tackling the psychological level of slowing down life: even if we do all the tricks and strategies to open up time in our schedules, how can we make it feel like time is going slower?

My oldest kiddo just turned five, and it really hammered home a new feeling for me - that my kids’ lives are going by Too. Damn. Fast. I decided to dig into some research:

  • Why does time feel faster the older we get?

  • Why do some periods of our lives feel longer than others?

  • What can I do to prevent one of my fears from coming true: that I’ll wake up one day and realize my life is passing me by?

Tune in to learn more about the answers to these questions and some strategies we can take forward to slow things down in this fast-paced world.

As for the next season, it’ll start up on September 23rd! I’m taking my own advice until then and choosing some SLOW in the meantime.