S01e16 Designing a family pace of life - or, My fear of Extra-curricular activities


As our kids age, they have more opportunities to explore their own interests away from us - in the form of lessons, clubs, and groups. In our fast-paced, too-busy world, this shift evokes the image of a parent-turned-chauffeur, a chaotic calendar that drives everyone crazy, and a lack of quality family time.

Since the earliest days of being a parent, I’ve been afraid of this dynamic, which sometimes feels impossible to avoid. Because of course I want my kids to explore their interests. I want them to have all the opportunities to learn, grow, and be part of their own community of peers. I was lucky enough to get those chances growing up. I’m also selfish, and don’t want to have to sacrifice to make this happen. I don’t want to compromise on the pace of life I want to lead, and I don’t want to feel like nothing but someone else’s chauffeur, even if I also get to be their cheerleader. I want time for me to learn and grow, too.

In this episode of our #chooseslow series, I bat this idea back and forth, consider some parents I know with kids older than mine, and think about how they seem to structure their lives in a way that works for them amidst these competing pressures.

By the end, I’m a little less afraid.