S01e14 How to choose SLOW in a fast-paced world


To say we live in a fast-paced world is, at this point, practically cliche. Yet calling it out doesn’t seem to diminish the pressures we face to say yes to more - more time, more productivity, more involvement, more haste.

For the next few episodes on The Wayfinders Podcast, we’re tackling how to SLOW DOWN life in a world that never seems to stop rushing. And we’re starting by looking this dilemma square in the face: WHY is it so hard to choose slow?

We’re digging in to how slow can feel like saying no, and how we can reframe to say YES - without actually saying yes to all the things that make us feel our life’s going by in a blur in the first place.

(Special shout out in this episode to Megan Seely of The Goal Designer, who gave me one of my favourite mantras of late, which I share in the show!)