S01E13 How to balance structure and flexibility as a parent


One binary I’ve found difficult to navigate as a parent is the divide between structure and flexibiity - we know routine is good for kids, but so is adaptability… how do we perform this dance as the people leading?

In this episode, I dig into why this is difficult to navigate (spoiler alert: it’s because routine and flexibility seem to enhance the same key skills in kids, but only in just the right proportions), why partner dynamics add a complicating layer, and how I’ve struggled since becoming a parent to create a “system” of structure and flexibility.

I talk about two of my favourite parenting books, which I wrote about in way more detail over at the www.raiseamother.com blog. Alex Russel’s Drop the Worry Ball, and Pamela Druckerman’s Bringing Up Bebe, give me ideas that when, put together, make me realize that… maybe I’ve been going about this all wrong for the last five years. (Story of parenthood, right??)

It’s okay, though - I come out with some hopeful thoughts for a new way forward in the end ;)