S01E011 How to stop agonizing over decisions that have no right answer


Of all the decisions we make in parenthood, there are many that have no right answer. It’s easy to get stuck, hemming and hawing, talking our possible paths to death in hopes of finding the one piece of info that will suddenly make our choice clear.

These are often the big, “life design” questions, like:

  • how many kids to have?

  • when should my kids have their own devices?

  • what school should they go to?

  • should we move?

It can feel like if we just get enough data, we can identify the ‘correct’ decision (for us), but sometimes, we can’t! Instead, there might be a whole bunch of paths that would all actually be fine, in the end. But I’m a huge systems-and-organization person, so this is hard for me, and I really wanted to tackle this question: How can we get out of our own heads when there really isn’t a right answer, and just get on with living our lives?