S01E010 Why the f*** doesn't parenthood come with a manual, already?!


There are a lot of decisions to navigate in parenthood. Sometimes it feels like life is now just one big avalanche of decisions, one coming after the other, and it’s hard to see where it’s all supposed to be going.

Seriously, humans have been doing this for awhile now, so WHY exactly haven’t we come up with a manual for this already!?

I know I’ve wished for one so many times, and today’s podcast digs into what why I want one, why I can’t have one, and, maybe, why that isn’t actually such a terrible thing.

More importantly, though, we’re talking about how even if we can’t have a parenthood manual, maybe we can still implement some things in our lives that make it feel more like we do have, if not exactly a manual, at least some reassurance that we've got this.


Podcast: One Bad Mother, which - super fun fact - I was on as a guest with my sister, Shannon, back in 2016!