S01e01 What it means to be 'real' about parenthood


People talk a lot about being "real", but it can be hard to do this about parenthood, because we're stuck between binary expectations of bliss and disaster.

In this very first episode of the Wayfinders podcast, we talk about the struggle to truly share our stories as parents. We don't live in a world that's very comfortable with paradox, but that's what parenthood often is: a contradictory mix of emotions and happenings that run the gamut from delight to dread, sometimes in the same moment. There are a lot of expectations pulling us in both directions. Sometimes we feel compelled to put on a smile when things are falling apart, and sometimes we feel pressured to shit-talk our parenthood because that seems like the way to connect with other parents. This episode has some ideas to get out from this rock-and-hard-place situation.