Time to Clear Your Way Forward


Your life and parenthood sometimes seem at odds, but you’re ready to cut the noise and step into the life you actually want to be living, right now.

photo: @daria_shevtsova

photo: @daria_shevtsova

It seems like you don’t have time, but what if all it takes is 30 minutes to make a change?

I know, I know, you’re thinking, I don’t even have 30 minutes. But trust me, you can find it - just once. I’m not asking you to find 30 minutes a day, a week, or even a month. Just once.

We all have things we do that aren’t 100% necessary - for me, it’s scrolling on social media, streaming a show, or listening to a favourite podcast - if we can take a break from that even one time, that’s all we need to take our first key step.



When I talk with people who want to make real change, we often can list the things we “should” be doing - but we struggle to integrate that into our lived experience in a way that comes naturally.

Here’s the thing: what if “should” and “supposed to” are the problem in the first place?

It’s refreshing and freeing to step back from those ‘supposed to’s and instead check in to say, What’s actually in line with me and how I want to live my life?

It’s refreshing and freeing, but can also be overwhelming. We may feel like we don’t know how to do that mental check, and especially how to then turn it into action.

That’s why I’m sharing the guide that I use myself with you. I created an exercise for myself while studying Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection (that’s the kind of nerdy lifelong learner I am - I don’t just read books, I study them), and then built on it to create this guide for you.

If you’re ready to crack one difficult ‘supposed to’ nut that bugs you and keeps you from the life and parenthood you want, let’s do it. If you’re ready to find something awesome you already have within yourself and use it to build a next step forward, even better - ‘cause that’s part two.

I can’t wait to send you this completely free tool so you can forge a new path.