It’s time to turn “I don’t know how to change this” into a first step.


Hi, I’m Lindsay, an educator and coach helping people (who happen to have kids) release themselves from the common constraints of parenthood, namely:

  • that we have to give up part of ourselves when we become parents

  • that we no longer have time to think big or get past the messy stuff

  • that we can’t make true change happen without a five-week vacation and a personal assistant

There’s a lot of encouragement out there to “live your best life,” but this can be a challenge - once we have kids, our lives can feel like they’re not really about us anymore. But we also have a new incentive to live fully: we want to show our kids that such living is possible. We want them to see us as whole, engaged, happy adults, so they can learn to be that way, too.

But tackling this stuff takes time. And energy. Two things we don’t have a lot of just laying around. That’s where Wayfinders comes in.

I love the big, complicated questions at the back of our minds. I love pulling them apart and making sense of them. On the Wayfinders podcast and in our community, I zoom in on manageable pieces. I provide questions, tips, and exercises to make sense of this stuff in your life. A lot of things can get us stuck - let’s kick them to the curb so we can enjoy the life we want, NOW.



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