Hi, I’m Lindsay, an educator, coach, and fanatic about clarifying “the big picture” so that our daily lives can reflect what we truly want, deep down.


My favourite things:

  • the big, complicated questions at the back of our minds - I love pulling them apart and making sense of them. 

  • the long-standing struggles we have with ourselves and with others - I love shifting our understanding to a place of clarity and empowerment so we can rise up instead of staying stuck. 

  • the challenge of but how do we actually DO this? - I love finding tangible tricks, tips, and steps that lead to real change.

I’ve always loved the gray areas, the complex questions, the points where we get stuck. I took philosophy courses for fun in school. A five-hour chat with an equally curious friend is my idea of a great Friday night. I’ve been learning daily about how to do the partner thing with my beloved since 2001, and how to do the parent thing since 2014.

Yet with all my love of growth and change, I’ve still been stuck, too. 

The story of how I’ve gotten un-stuck, and how I continue to un-stick myself when obstacles arise, has brought me to the following truth:

Venn Diagram of Freudian Theory.png

No matter the situation, struggle, or challenge, these three elements have been my path to discovering, claiming, and embracing who I really am, what I really want, and how I’m going to get there.

My favourite thing in the world is connecting with other humans who want to find their own way, too. So I can’t wait to hear from you. It’s my mission to help people chart their own course to a life they choose, a life they love - a life that fits who they really are…

…it IS possible, and we can start it NOW.

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